This Week On Mehek: Svetlana plots to kill Shaurya and Mehek

Svetlana plots to kill Shaurya and Mehek

Svetlana plots to kill Shaurya and Mehek

This Week On Mehek Update: Svetlana plots an explosive material to kill Shaurya and Mehek

In this week’s episode, the marriage ceremony/family drama between Mehek and Shaurya takes place this week.

While Mahek and Shaurya proceed towards the mandap for their wedding nuptials. The evil Svetlana has inserted an explosive material in Mahek’s veil so that it will catch fire.

She anxiously waits for her plan to become successful. And yes! Her plan succeeds as Mahek’s veil catches fire as soon as the wedding rituals begin. Mehek panics, but Shaurya saves her on time.

Mehek tells Shaurya that his grandmother gave the veil to her. Shaurya’s grandmother panics and tells them that the veil might have got exchanged. Shaurya decides to call Inspector Munjal right away to solve the issue.

This Week On Mehek: Svetlana plots to kill Shaurya and Mehek

Shaurya’s grandmother insists to postpone the wedding, but Shaurya disagrees and declares that the wedding will take place as decided. On the other hand, the police inspector, Munjal threatens Karuna that he will reveal the truth about Mahek’s parents’ death to Shaurya, while Karuna begs him not to.

Munjal reveals to Shaurya that, he killed Mahek’s parents in an accident 12 years ago. Shaurya is shocked. Shaurya will be heartbroken upon learning that, he is responsible for the death of Mahek’s parents.

But, he will proceed towards the mandap as Mahek will be waiting for him. With a heavy heart, Shaurya will sit for the nuptials. The wedding rituals will begin, while Shaurya is unable to digest the truth.

Shaurya is asked to go ahead with the rituals. But, he will recall inspector Munjal’s words and stops. Will a guilt-stricken Shaurya reveal the truth about him being the cause of her parents’ death to Mahek? How will Mahek react to Shaurya’s confession?

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