Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate 1 May 2019 Update

Twist of Fate 1 May 2019 Update

Twist of Fate 1 May 2019 Update

Abhi asks them to let him go inside and he didn’t give them a chance, so Abhi beats the goons and runs inside closing the door from inside. Goon thinks he had a good chance to elope, but he returned to tiger’s house to die. Abhi comes to the hall where they are kept captive and again locks the door. He then starts beating the goons who are inside.

He opens Pragya’s rope while beating them. Pragya frees Neha and Tarun’s hand. Goon holds Pragya. Abhi shouts and asks goon to leave his Pragya. Goon leaves Pragya. Pragya comes to Abhi and hugs him. Abhi beats the goons with stick. He then locks the goons inside the room.

Twist of Fate 1 May 2019 Update

Boss tells the goons that they shouldn’t go from here alive. Abhi feels pain. Pragya asks what happened? Abhi tells about the scratch. Pragya goes to bring her bag and asks him to sit. She takes ointment on her finger and gives ointment to neha and Tarun. She asks Abhi where did he get hurt?

Abhi says there? Pragya applies ointment on his chest wound. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…..Abhi thanks her. Tarun and Neha smile. Goons manage to come out and says they will kill them. Abhi and Pragya come out of the haveli. Pragya says car keys. Abhi says it slipped somewhere.

Pragya asks what will we do now? Abhi says running is best. Pragya says they will go towards the car so we shall go to jungle area. Twist of Fate 1 May 2019 Update

The men looks for them. Tanu and Aaliya come there and see Pragya’s car. They see the goons and ask if they saw Abhi, show his pic. Boss asks who are you? Tanu says I am his wife. Boss says we will kidnap you. Abhi and Pragya run into jungle with Neha and Tarun. He says we are safe now. He holds Pragya’s hand and says I am holding your hand because I’m worried that if you fall then I have to carry you. He asks Tarun and Neha not to run faster else Tiger might come and eat them for lunch.

Pragya says dinner. Abhi says don’t know if tiger had dinner or lunch. He holds Pragya’s hand and walks. Main phir bhi tumko plays…Abhi thinks life is a circle and beautiful, but same thing can’t happen.

Pragya gets emotional and asks him to leave her hand. Abhi says if any thorn pierced in her skin. Pragya says I can take care of myself and start walking. Abhi gets upset and thinks he will not hold anyone’s hand.

A man sees them and thinks it seems they are same who eloped from Bhupi’s haveli. Boss tells Tanu and Aaliya that Abhi got married in a jungle and is enjoying with his wife. Tanu says I am his second wife and the one who is with him is his first wife.

Boss says they are ready to die for each other. Tanu asks him to shut up. Bhupi boss gets a call. Informer who saw them tells him about Abhi and Pragya. Bhupi says I am coming now to end their lives. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked. Pragya thinking how she will tell Abhi the truth. Abhi says I don’t care for those who doesn’t care about me, I don’t like you.

Twist of Fate 1 May 2019 Update

Abhi tells Pragya that he ignored her talks. Pragya says are you feeling bad? Abhi replies no and tells her that his responsibility is Neha and Tarun, and you are just extra. He sees Neha and Tarun holding each other hands and walking and tries to stop them.

Neha says they are only having their last time together. Abhi says ok. Pragya hears some sound and stops. Abhi asks her to come. Boss asks Aaliya to give the number for ransom money. Aaliya says you will not get number or ransom money.

Boss shoots at their car and tells Aaliya that he needs money to take his men to hospital.

Boss asks Tiger to shoot them if they don’t give money. Tanu asks how can you shoot us. Boss says my name is Bhupi and I can kill anyone and the boss shot his own man and tells that his man was weak and old, so he shot him. Twist of Fate 1 May 2019 Update

Tanu tells Boss that she will call someone and asks him to arrange the money. Boss gives his phone to her. He tells his men to kill Pragya, Neha and Tarun, but bring Abhi alive, as he needs to settle some scores with him. Informer tells the address. Tiger says we are coming right now.

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