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Twist of Fate

After a seven-year leap occurs in the TV series twist of fate season 2, the family dynamics change; Pragya and Abhi are fully separated and now involved with other partners.
The Mehra family now live in New Delhi, Pragya too has moved to the U.K and currently manages King Singh, a London based rapper. She also has a daughter named Kiara.

Abhi on his part has finally gotten married to Tanu, but their marriage is just a formality because they don’t act like married couples, they sleep in a separate room and each of them pursues their own agendas.

Twist of Fate

Abhi has turned his musical career into a business entity while Tanu is preparing to relaunch her modeling career by entering an upcoming Mrs. India beauty pageant. More on unfolds on the TV Series, Twist of Fate

Abhi and Pragya’s daughter is Kiara as Abhi doesn’t even know he has a child with Pragya. But, King accepts Kiara to be his daughter and Pragya even pretends to be King’s wife only to assist him from being disturbed. Pragya also believes that she caused Dadi’s death and King constantly tells her to forget Abhi.

As life continues in twist of Fate, Abhi gets a contract of a world music album from a Delhi based organizer and King in London also receives the same contract. King then requests Pragya and Kiara to follow him to Delhi. At the same time, one of Abhi’s aunt(Swarn Dadi) comes visiting so Abhi goes to pick her up at the airport. So, it is the same day King, Pragya and Kiara will come to Delhi. Abhi and Pragya feel each other presence but they did not see each other.