Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 6th October 2019 – Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 6th October 2019 Update – Zee World

The episode starts when Binni asks Arjun to forgive her.Jhumki is at her den and says they didnt do nice by taking Binni on their side, it will be destruction for them now. Arjun comes to lounge and sees Kaki sleeping on chair, he tries to wake her up but hears beep, he sees bomb attached to her chair. Binni and Chirag comes there too. Arjun sees a letter there. He reads it, it says that Kaki have bomb attached to her chair, if you try to remove her from chair then bomb will blast, I have remote of her bomb, if you want to save Kaki then send Jia to me alone.. your destroyer Jhumki. Arjun says I wont spare this Jhumki.

Arjun says to Chirag that dont let Kaki move from this chair, I will go behind Jhumki. Binni says but Jhumki called Jia alone. Arjun looks on. Arjun and Binni comes to site where Jhumki called them. Binni is dressed as Jia. Arjun asks if she really wanna do this? its dangerous. Binni says I want to do this, Arjun says I will be in touch with you, you go inside. Kindred Hearts 6th October 2019 Update

Binni comes to Jhumki’s den. Jhumki has back to her and says come Jia, I was waiting for you. She turns to her but Arjun switches off lights there so Jhumki cant see her face.
Chirag sees timer on bomb and says only 20minutes are remaining, he says what to do? how to save Kaki. I cant tell Jia. Kaki says I am worried. Chirag says we will save you, dont worry. Jia calls out for Arjun, Chirag goes on to check.

At den, Jhumki says to Binni that who can bring darkness in my life? she takes out gun and says no one has guts. She switches on another light. Binni turns to leave but Jhumki points gun at her and says dont try to run, Binni thinks where is Arjun.

Chirag comes to Jia, Jia tries to get up from bed and says where is everyone? Chirag says all are in lounge, Arjun dont want you to move so stay here. Jia says tell me what happened otherwise I will get up. Chirag says no let me tell you.

Binni tries to move away from Jhumki but Jhumki says dont try to run, I have to tie you with this handcuffs. Arjun comes behind Jhumki. Jhumki turns to catch him but he hides, Binni runs and hides too.

Chirag brings Jia to lounge and shows her bomb on Kaki’s chair. Jia says so much happened and I didnt know, I have to help Arjun. Chirag says Arjun has gone to catch Jhumki, dont worry, you are not well, you should rest, I have to take care of you. He makes her sit down.

Jhumki looks around den and says Jia? Arjun hides with Binni and asks her to hide.Jhumki says Jia you want to play hide and seek with me? if you wear these handcuffs only then you can save your Kaki maa. Jhumki hides. Binni looks around and thinks where is Jhumki? Jhumki comes behind her and points gun at her, she says caught you, come with me. Arjun comes there and hits gun with stick, Binni and Arjun runs.

Jhumki takes gun and says Arjun is here too? She says come out otherwise I will press button on remote and your Kaki will be dead. Arjun and Binni hides. Arjun says we have to get this remote at any cost. Jhumki starts counting till ten.

Kindred Hearts 6th October 2019 In house, Jia sees only 8 minutes remaining on bomb timer, she thinks I cant do anything, God save Kaki.

At den.. Jhumki counts till ten but Arjun comes out to her. She points gun at him and says I will kill your first. Arjun throws her gun away, they fight to get gun, Arjun snatches remote from her, Jhumki gets gun and fires at him but Arjun runs away and hides with remote. Arjun presses button on remote and calls Chirag, he asks him if bomb stopped? Chirag says no. Jhumki says Arjun give me remote, this remote will work only in vicinity of bomb.

Arjun tries to run from there but Jhumki points gun at him, Binni comes infront of him, she takes bullet on her hand and beats Jhumki, she takes gun from her and shoots Jhumki on foot. She gives gun to Arjun and locks Jhumki in a box. Binni asks Arjun to leave, I will call police for Jhumki. Arjun gives her gun and runs from there.

Arjun is running to house. Jia says to Chirag that we have to do something. Chirag says bomb will blast. Jia says let me do something. She looks at bomb and is about to choose wire but Arjun comes there. He takes remote and tries to stop bomb, he presses button but bomb doesnt stop timer. Arjun gets tensed, only one minute is remaining, Arjun throws remote away.

Arjun asks Jia and Chirag to leave house. Jia says I wont leave, Arjun says please leave. Jia says no I wont go anywhere, I will stay here. Arjun looks at wires and tries to choose wire which can stop bomb. Arjun takes out one wire at last second and bomb stops. Arjun sighs in relief and says it stopped. Arjun takes out bomb from chair and makes Kaki get up from it. Chirag gives him water. Jia asks where is Binni? Arjun says I could come here because of Binni, you were right, she changed, she cares for family. Binni calls Arjun and says I am in hospital, before police could come, Jhumki threw me away and ranaway and I got hurt, I am so sorry. Arjun says no no, I am coming to hospital.

Binni says no, I am just leaving and coming home, he says okay and ends call. Binni smirks and says to Jhumki that Jindals are fools, they dont even know different between real or fake bullet. Binni says to Jhumki that they dont know my game is much bigger, either it be acting or planning afterall my teacher is you.. She takes off Jhumki’s veil and says my teacher is my mom.. she takes off her veil and its none other than Nisha, they smile at each other. They laugh, Binni says you are the best mom in the world. Nisha hugs her and says I know.

Binni says to Jhumki that they dont know my game, afterall my teacher is my mom.. she takes of Jhumki’s veil and its Nisha only. They smirks at each other and laugh. Nisha hugs her and says good job, Nisha says they think I died and they got you back but they dont know that it was all my plan.

Binni says I am sorry I had to hit you. Nisha says you did good job. Binnni says these people put me in asylum but you came after me. Nisha says you are my daughter, I had to come after you, Jhanvi took away my kids, she snatched Chinni from me but I am not afraid as my daughter is with me, I am happy that you are with me. Binni says I promise to give you your family back. She hugs her. Nisha smirks and thinks that I will use my daughter to get back everything.

Arjun is worried about Binni and says why she didnt comeback till now? Binni comes there with bandage on head. Arjun asks if she is fine? Binni says Jhumki hit me and ranaway. Kaki says I am happy that you ar back, she hugs her. Binni thinks that this oldie left me in mental asylum and now showing fake concern.

Arjun says to family that Jhumki is free and she can try to hurt us again. Binni thinks you people will not be saved. Chirag brings mahabhaleswar’s tickets. Chirag says I thought to surprise you both, you can enjoy vacations with Jia. Jia says Binni just came back, we cant leave. Kaki says no excuses, Arjun says I will get security. Binni thinks that Jia is taking Arjun away from my mom and me again.

Jia says to Binni that if you need anything then call us. Binni says I am not a kid. Jia says I want to give you responsibility, she gives her property papers and says we have given property to you, you are heir of all this. Kaki says you are our daughter so its yours. Binni thinks these people are fools, mom will happy to see it, she hugs Jia and thinks that Jia is leaving so mom and me will do anything we want. Jia and Arjun leaves.

This Is Zee World: Kindred Hearts 6th October 2019 Update

Jia and Arjun comes to vacation resort. They come to their suite, they see room decorated with candles and roses. Jia says they think we are on honeymoon. Arjun says whatever happens, happens for good. He pulls Jia closer and caresses her face, dil diyan gallan plays. Arjun is about to kiss her but door bell rings. Servant comes there and says tonight is 25 year anniversary of hotel so please come to celebrations, she leaves.

Arjun says lets look around. Jia looks around in suite, Arjun hugs her from behind and says I want to stay with you here. Jia says we will go to party and comeback soon. Binni calls Nisha and says Kaki have sent Arjun and Jia on holidays. Nisha looks on.

Arjun waits for Jia to get ready. He says girls take so much time. She comes out and is wearing pretty gown. Arjun’s mouth is agape seeing her, Jia comes to him and kisses his cheek.

Jia says after this party, you will get most memorable night of your life, are you ready? he says always. Arjun and Jia comes to party, Jia puts her hand in Arjun’s hand. Nisha says to Binni that if Jia and Arjun are not home then we can eye on house easily, it was Kaki who made my life hell, just see what I will do now, she ends call. Binni looks on.

In party, servant makes Arjun and Jia sit on table. He serves them food. Arjun says how I will eat with knife? Jia says come closer. Arjun says we can kiss later. Jia says I will make you eat from my hands. Arjun smiles at girls. Jia says I am making you eat and you are checking out others girls?

I am leaving, she gets miffed and starts leaving but Arjun starts dancing, he pulls Jia on dance floor, he dances on Dilli wali girlfriend. He dances around Jia. Jia drinks vodka and dances with him. Nisha comes there and hides, she sees them dancing and looks on.

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