King of Hearts

King of Hearts 1 July 2019 Update on Zee World Series

King of Hearts 1 July 2019 Update

King of Hearts 1 July 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Simran nurses Sid’s wound and asks how did he get it. He says some goons attacked Naani maa, so he got injured while rescuing her. Kritika comes and says nothing happened to that old man. Simran gets irked hearing her misbehavior, says Sid did right, and asks her to respect elders.

Yash says Kritika she always complains that he loves Sid more, whenever she stops thinking of herself and thinks about others, he will love her also. Roshni reminisces Naani praising Sid and Sid protecting her family. She calls Sid and asks if he is alright and did not get injury. He says he is fine. She says she wants to meet him only if he is free.

He says his whole life is hers and asks where to come. She asks to come at Leo Cafe around 6 p.m. He gets happy and says he will send car or will pickup himself. She says she will come herself. Raj enters his room and he happily hugs him.

Rajveer goon gets annoyed hearing Sid’s conversation. DD hers Roshni’s conversation and gets irked. Naani asks her to let Roshni free.

Roshni is at the office and gets a call from DD who asks her to get some papers from house. She agrees and leaves taking permission from Yash. Yash thinks Roshni is in trouble now, but once she accepts him, he will keep her very happy.

  • King of Hearts 1 July 2019 Update on Zee World

DD sees a lots of files on her desk and asks her boss why she is burdened with so many files when this is not her work. Raj comes there, says he is new MD of her company and she will have to work as he says. She angrily tries to walk out when Rajveer tries to brainwash her against Sid that Sid gave her huge debt to burden her under his favours and then use her s*xy daughter like exotic dish.

Roshni comes there and asks Rajveer to mind his business and asks DD to leave Rajveer’s job right now. Rajveer says her mother took loan from Sid and she has to work to repay his loan. DD says Roshni that Rajveer is telling truth. Roshni says she can work accept Yash’s offer.

DD says she is already overburdened by Yash’s helps and she does need anymore. Roshni sees goon who entered home and misbehaved with Naani and manager giving him money saying saying Sid gave it. Goon says if Sid needs more help in trapping his wife, he can call him anytime. She and DD both start fuming.

King of Hearts 1 July 2019 Update on Zee World

Rajveer smirks, thinking his planning is working well. Simran comes to DD’s house to meet Naani and says Naani she could not resist hearing about goon’s attack and came her to see her. Naani says she did good. Simran says she is thinking about reviving Sid and Roshni’s relationship again.

Just then, DD enters home with Roshni and shouts at her that her son planned well with goons to trap Roshni again, but he failed. She drags her out of house. She says her son is like a diamond and she cannot understand his value, she came here thinking of starting afresh, but she and her arrogant daughter don’t deserve Sid’s love. DD shuts door. More update soon…

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