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King of Hearts 12 December 2019 Update – Zee World

King of Hearts 12 December 2019 Update - Zee World

King of Hearts 12 December 2019 Update – Ranjeet complains to his Mother that nobody respects him at the office as he’s only sent to make photocopies. She takes the photos he has in his hands and tears them up. He says the photos are supposed to be used for a magazine cover. She tells him to wait and see what she will do.

Sid and Anya are having a discussion at work. Roshni overhears them and says their magazine is a fashion magazine and they don’t discuss social issues. Sid says it’s a women magazine and there are issues women face but don’t like to discuss such as domestic violence. She stares at him.

Sid says the women are afraid to discuss such issues and it’s good to let them know that even successful women can face such issues and they don’t need to be ashamed but they should speak out. Roshni says there are other places to discuss such issues but not a fashion magazine! She walks away angrily. Sid wonders, why Roshni was so emotional about the issue?

King of Hearts 12 December 2019 Update – Zee World

Neil is in the Office. He regrets that he gave Roshni permission to go to London.Roshni gets into a lift and Sid hops I n after her. Ranjeet tries to get in but it’s too late. Sid shows Roshni her bangles and asks if they are hers? She asks how he got them? He asks if she’s okay? She asks why? He says they used to be married and she can share anything with him because he would always help her. She says she doesn’t need his help! The elevator stops and the lights go off.

Sid holds Roshni and asks if Neil hits her and if he’s the one causing all the injuries she keeps getting? She ignores him.

Mittul, Ranjeet and Naina are with Neil, waiting in front of a lift. Mittul says they came to surprise him and Roshni. Neil calls for security to get the lift to work. The lift opens and Roshni steps out with Sid. Mittul says the lift wasn’t working because it was giving Sid and Roshni a moment. Neil laughs and tells Roshni that they were waiting for her. They all go in for the unveiling of the wedding issue of their magazine.

As the photos are scrolled on the projector, they see photos of Sid and Roshni at their wedding. Everyone is shocked. Mittul says Sid is applying vermillion to Roshni’s forehead. She asks Roshni if they are fake photos? Neil begs Roshni to tell him that they are fake. Roshni is unable to speak. Neil storms out and she runs after him.

She meets him by the Car and begs him not to be upset. He says she was married to Sid and didn’t tell him! She says she told him. He says she told him she was married to Sid’s Cousin. She says she never said that. He tells her to watch him suffer since that’s what she wants! He has tears running down his face as he storms off. Naina is watching.

King of Hearts 12 December 2019 Update – Zee World

Anya calls Simran to tell her what’s going on. Simran tells her to come over and stay at her place so that Sid can be away from Roshni and she should make sure Neil and Roshni doesn’t separate. Anya tells Sid that they should go to his Mum’s place but Sid says he can’t leave as Roshni may need his help.

It is raining and Neil is walking in the middle of the road, drunk and holding a bottle of liquor. Roshni pulls him off the road. He accuses her of betraying him like his ex-wife! He sits on the road crying.

Sid arrives and Roshni begs him to leave. Neil hits Sid repeatedly but Sid doesn’t retaliate. Roshni tries to come in but Neil shoves her off and she falls down. Sid gives him a punch and warns him never to hit Roshni again? Neil starts crying and banging his head on the car bonnet. Sid tells him that he’s a better man than that and he needs to stop. Neil runs off.

Sid tells Roshni to wait in the Car while he goes to look for Neil.
Neil is back home, lying in bed. Roshni is dressing his wounds. He tells her she did the same thing his ex-wife, Riya did. Sid is listening by the door.

The next day, Mittul tells Roshni to take care of Neil because she’s responsible for his condition. Sid walks in and says he has decided not to go to London but to stay in the house. Mittul asks why he’s staying in the house with his ex-wife? He calls her narrow-minded and says he wants to resolve the situation even though she seems like she wants to worsen it. Naina goes into her room and wonders what she can do to help her children? She picks up the letter from the court which states that Sid and Roshni are still married…

Sid walks in and asks why she hid such an important thing from them? She lies that the paper is her will. Sid says he was talking about Neil and his health problems because he has changed so much.

Naina hides the letter in her wardrobe. She tells Sid that Neil is the way he is because another woman has betrayed him. Sid says he only wants to help. She says the only way he can help is to leave with Anya and never come back. Sid tells himself that he promised DD he would take care of Roshni so he won’t leave.

Neil wakes up and sees the bandage on his hand. He remembers what happened. He sees Roshni sleeping on the couch. He touches her and she cowers in fear. He weeps as he begs her to forgive him. He promises it will never happen again. She tells him that it’s okay. He sees a bottle of liquor on the bedside locker. He picks it up and says he would destroy it as it’s the cause of his problems. He puts it in the bin. She tells him that she didn’t lie to him. He suggests they go somewhere far away where Sid can’t find them and they can start life afresh. Roshni looks scared. He begs her to say something. She says she has to go downstairs and they will talk about it later. She runs out of the room.

Anya is on the photo with someone telling the person not to call her repeatedly! Roshni brings her food and asks what’s wrong? Anya tries to explain but Roshni tells her to rest while she gets her some juice.

Naina hides the document under her Sari and sneaks out of the house. Mittul sees her leaving and sends Ranjeet to trail her.
Roshni brings Anya the juice but meets Sid in the room alone. He asks if she’s okay? She tells him to give the juice to Anya. Mittul sees them and runs to get Neil. Sid asks Roshni again if she’s okay? Anya enters the room. Roshni pulls her hand away from Sid.

Neil and Mittul watch from the doorway. They don’t see Anya so they think Roshni is talking to Sid Roshni tells Anya to take care of herself because what happened last night must have stressed her. Neil gets upset again and storms off.

Naina goes to a lawyer’s Office and begs him to help her. Ranjeet arrives and sees her there. He starts flirting with the lawyer’s Secretary to see if he can find out what Naina is there for.

Roshni enters the room and doesn’t see Neil. She sees the bottle of liquor he threw in the bin earlier on, is now empty. King of Hearts 12 December 2019 Update

Neil is in the living room. He throws away the tray of breakfast a Servant offers him.
Roshni runs to him and he tells her to leave him alone and stop interfering in his life as she’s not a good wife! Sid sees them and makes a Phone call to someone to request that they see right now.
Sid comes to see a Doctor and tells him about Neil. The Doctor says Neil is showing signs of a bipolar disorder but he can’t say for sure except he sees him or his medical report.

Anya meets with Arav at the hospital. She asks why he keeps calling her? He says he has spoken to his family and they want to meet her, especially as she’s carrying his child and he also wants to meet her family. She says they will work something out.

She sees Sid and hides behind Arav. When Sid leaves, Arav asks her who he was? She says he’s a member of her family. She tells him not to try and reach her except she contacts him. When she leaves, Arav vows not to let her and his child get away from him!

Sid gets home wondering what to do to get information about Neil? He hears Mittul scolding Ranjeet for not coming back with any information! He tells himself that the Lord just answered his prayers because Ranjeet will be the one to provide the answers he needs on Neil, so he has to get on his good side. King of Hearts 12 December 2019 Update

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