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King of Hearts 20 September 2019 – Zee World Update

King of Hearts 20 September 2019 – Zee World Update

Tonight’s episode starts at the hospital, Roshni hugs Sid and begs him to relax as it’s not his fault.
Sid says it’s his fault and if he had told Roshni the truth earlier on, then the accident wouldn’t have happened. Roshni asks why he’s saying that? Sid gives her his Phone and plays the Video of him and Shabnam in bed together in which Shabnam is trying to get close to him while he is unconscious. Roshni is shocked.

Sid begs her to believe him because he didn’t do it and it was Shabnam who tried to trap him. Sid tells Roshni that it’s his mistake that he didn’t tell her the truth at the right moment. He tells her that he didn’t do this. It was Shabnam’s conspiracy. Roshni says it’s his mistake for giving her an explanation. She asks him not to give her any explanation and raise doubt on her love for him.

King of Hearts 20 September 2019 – Zee World Update

Roshni says she doesn’t care even if someone else had shown her the Video because she would never believe it, as she trusts him too much. Sid hugs her and thanks to her for believing him and says he swears that he wanted to tell her everything but he was afraid of losing her due to that. He tells her that Shabnam is behind her Grandmother’s condition, and tells that her Grandmother called him as she was having some proof against Shabnam. He says he thinks Shabnam had something to do with the accident and they have to find a way to expose her. He says they have to find the proof against Shabnam, so as to make her lose.

Roshni hugs him. The Doctor informs DD that her Mother is okay but she hasn’t regained her consciousness yet.
Shabnam is disappointed. Sid and Roshni join the rest of the family.

DD tells Roshni that her Grandmother is okay. Roshni hugs her then tells Kesar to take DD home to rest. DD says she will leave but Sid shouldn’t go anywhere near her Mother! Roshni says they are there with her.
Shabnam tells DD that she is also there and will walk her to the Car.

A Nurse brings Roshni’s Grandmother’s bag to Sid and Roshni. Sid checks the bag and sees the Phone. He recognizes it as Shabnam’s Phone and sees the Video. Roshni tells him that it wasn’t her Phone, as her Grandmother asked Shabnam about it, but she refused. Sid looks on.

Roshni asks why did she lie? Shabnam returns to the hospital and Sid drags her into a corner. He asks how dare she harm Roshni’s Grandmother! He accuses her of framing him for an accident she caused! Shabnam says he can’t prove it; she is always a step ahead of him and knows he went to see the Servant she paid to record them together.

She accepts to have spiked his drink and took him to her room with Shambu’s help. She also confessed to causing Grandmother’s accident. She threatens to go and show the Video to Roshni! Sid stops her and says she no longer has the Video with her because he has her Phone. Shabnam asks if he thinks she would be so stupid as to have only one copy? She says she has saved the MMS safely! King of Hearts 20 September 2019 – Zee World Update

Roshni appears from nowhere and gives Shabnam a spicy slap. Shabnam is stunned. Roshni says she slapped her because she was trying to separate her and Sid and for everything, she has done! She gives her two more spiciest slaps for trying to ruin her family and for what she did to her Grandmother! She asks how dare you to make this fake MMS! She asks did you think that our love is so weak? She says you have to face us, Shabnam! She asks Shabnam if she thought a Video would have made her divorce Sid! Sid suggests they hand her over to the Police.

Roshni says he is right and says jail is the right place for Shabnam. Roshni reminds Shabnam that Sid fought for her to be accepted into the family, and she thought of her as her sister, even her Mum accepted her as her daughter. She says she had the chance to be part of their family, but she lost it, now go to jail and get rotten!
Shabnam asks how they are going to prove she planned the Video! ‘

Sid takes out his phone and plays a recording of all she confessed. Shabnam is shocked. King of Hearts 20 September 2019 – Zee World Update… The Police arrived immediately and tells her she’s under arrest! Shabnam goes on her knees and begs Roshni to forgive her. Sid gestures for Roshni not to fall for it.

Raj and Simran are about to go visit Roshni’s Grandmother at the hospital. Some thugs arrive and ask Raj for the Car keys, his wallet, and all his money! Bunty arrives and tries to scare the thugs away and says no one can harm his Parents but Raj gets a stick and takes the thugs to a side and beats them mercilessly with it. Men run away. Raj and Simran continue on their journey.

Bunty tells himself that he wanted to make an impression on Raj by hiring the thugs but the tables turned on him! Back home, Shabnam asks Aisha not to cry and tells that she has to go away to Dubai for a while. She asks Aisha not to trouble anyone. Aisha begs her to stay with her and hugs her. Sid and Roshni looks on. Sid hands her her ticket to Dubai. Shabnam apologizes to Sid and Roshni, then she takes her suitcase and leaves. Aisha cries asking Shabnam not to go.

Roshni hugs her. Raj and Simran are in Roshni’s Grandmother’s hospital room. Roshni enters crying. They console her. Simran asks Roshni not to lose hope and says her Grandmother will be fine. Roshni cries. Raj says he is happy that she’s standing like a wall in tough times and says he is proud of her. Simran asks Sid to feed Roshni something to eat.

Simran and Raj leave. Sid looks worried and Roshni asks why? He says he is wondering if they did the right thing by sending Shabnam away because she is full of vengeance and may try to hurt them again. Roshni reminds him that he always says everyone deserves a second chance. Her Grandmother stirs.

Roshni and Sid call for the Doctor. King of Hearts 20 September 2019 – Zee World Update
The Doctor checks her and tells them she is better but she is paralyzed and they need to take good care of her.
Sid and Roshni bring Grandmother home in a Wheelchair. She is unable to walk or talk.
DD breaks down in tears and says she can’t bear to see her mother like that. She feels sorry and says she will get her treated by the best Doctors.

DD cries again and says she can’t be weak. She tells Kesar that they have to take care of her Mother. Kesar says everything will be fine. Aisha comes and says Great Grandmother will be alright soon. Roshni’s Grandmother stares at everyone with tears in her eyes.

DD asks for Shabnam? Roshni says she suddenly had to go to Dubai as she got her husband’s call. DD says it’s strange and says she left without saying anything! Mona enters and says what is strange in that, as Sid left Shabnam no choice! She turns on the TV and on the news, the fake Video of Sid and Shabnam is played and Siddharth is labeled a Cheat!

DD goes to Sid to slap him but Roshni stops her and tells her all that happened. Reporters troop into DD’s house and ask Sid for a statement. Roshni tells them her husband didn’t do anything. Sid says he has proof. He checks his Phone but the recording is missing. He remembers he gave Shabnam his Phone to call someone in Dubai and must have deleted the audio then (her Confession). He panics and tells Roshni about it.

The Reporters ask him for the proof he said he had. He says it’s no longer on his Phone but the Police has it as he sent them a copy and says he can give them that. Mona goes to DD to gloat about Sid misbehaving and says she now wants to know what DD would say to Roshni!

Sid tells Mona that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about as that isn’t the truth.
DD tells him to shut up because he has just proven that all Men are the same, Roshni loves him and does everything for him, yet he does this! She asks don’t you feel bad? She says Mona warned her about his days ago but she defended him, now he has done this! Roshni tells her to stop. DD tells her that Sid is bored of her and decided to pick someone else! Sid is in tears.

King of Hearts 20 September 2019 – DD grabs him by the Shirt and throws him out. Roshni follows him out and tells DD that because her husband, Shiv cheated on her, doesn’t mean all men are like that and says Sid has not betrayed her. DD is shocked.

Roshni says if DD wants Sid to leave, then he will leave, but she will also go with him. She says today, a Wife, who completely trusts and supports her husband is talking to her. King of Hearts 20 September 2019 – Zee World Update

Aisha tells that her Papa is the best and she will go with him. DD says she can’t expect anything else from her and says she will believe that she doesn’t have a daughter as from today henceforth!
Everyone is shocked. DD says she will not ask or beg her to stop, and asks her to go! She says she disowns her from everything and asks them to get out!! Sid asks Roshni what she’s doing? Roshni asks him to stop it and says she knows what she is doing being his Wife. She asks him to come. Sid and Roshni leave the house. DD closes the door.

At Khurana house. Raj turns his face away from Sid. Sid asks his father if he won’t look at him and if he also believes the Video? Raj says once one loses their grip on respect and trust, it’s not possible to earn it back!

Raj says he has always told him that respect, Money, fame can be earned back, but if one’s Character is ruined, then it can’t be gotten back! He gets a Phone call from an employee who says the value of their stock is plummeting and nobody wants to do business with them. He almost collapses.

Simran asks what’s wrong? Raj tells her that they are finished; the value of their shares is plummeting and no one wants to do business with them and their associates has left them. Sid hold his head in disbelief. King of Hearts 20 September 2019 – Zee World Update

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