King of Hearts

King of Hearts 28 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 28 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 28 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Roshni thanking Sid. Sid says no sorry and no thank you. She says he started flirting seeing a girl. He says she is looking hot today and he is unmarried, so he can flirt with anyone. She gets shy and leaves.

Raj picks Naani from the airport and takes her in his car. Naani thanks him and says she is upset regarding Sid and Roshni’s divorce. Raj says there is nothing to worry as Sid and Roshni are mature and he knows Roshni will sit things right. Naani says let us hi-five for that.

Old man drags DD for dance and starts dancing on Khoya khoya chang song….. DD angrily dances. Roshni says Sid she did not know mom can dance so well. Sid says his uncle is dancing well instead and forcing DD to dance with him. Roshni sees Naani and happily hugs him.

Sid takes her blessings. Roshni points at DD and tells Naani her daughter is dancing very well. Naani says it is good and asks who is this gentleman. She is shocked to see his face, angrily separates them, and takes DD with her. Man feels embarrassed, but guests clap for his dance.

Zee World: King of Hearts 28 July 2019 Update

Naani takes DD home and asks if she forgot that man’s mistakes and brought this man in. DD says she did not bring him here. Naani asks why did not she think about Roshni and how will they hide the secret from her. Roshni enters and asks what are they hiding and asks if they are talking about their mom, she knows from day 1 something is wrong and insists to tell who is that man.

DD says she heard wrong and says he is not related to them. Sid enters and asks Roshni to come with him. Roshni asks him to stay away, keeps DD’s hand on her head and asks her to tell the truth. DD tells he is Shiv Patel, her father. Roshni feels devastated and asks how can this happen when she was told her papa died when she was a kid.

She asks DD why did she lie and where was her papa all these days. Sid asks her to calm down and let her mom explain, it is as difficult for DD also. Roshni says he has both papa and mamma, so he cannot understand her feelings. She asks DD why did she do this. DD says she had to do this for her happiness.

Roshni asks what is wrong with her and asks Naani why this woman lies always. She says she herself will ask her papa. Sid stops her and says she should not disturb papa until his memory comes back. Roshni says she will as it is a matter of keeping a daughter away from father for 23 years. She asks if is also involved with DD’s lies and knows everything. He says even he is shocked and did not know till now. She says she does not know whom to believe and walks out.

Roshni goes to the old man and emotionally looks at him. He smiles and asks what happened and why did her mom walk out angrily, if she did not like the song, he will play another song. She hugs him tightly and cries. He asks why is she looking tensed suddenly if her mom scolded her, says he will apologize her mom and will walk out from here as he is a stranger.

She calls him papa and asks him not to go anywhere, then calls him uncle. He asks why is she crying then and asks Sid to control her. Sid asks Kesar to take uncle in. Kesar calls him brother and takes from there. The man leaves asking what happened to Roshni. King of Hearts 28 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Roshni starts crying vigorously. She picks her bags and tries to walk out. DD stops her and asks what is wrong with her. Roshni says she did not give answers to her questions, so she will go and stay with her papa. DD says she hide the secret to protect her. Roshni says she does not believe.

Naani says she is acting on half-known fact and says last time she last Sid and now she will lose her whole family. She should realize even when that man is here, nobody wants to go near him. She says she always took her side, but this time she will not. Roshni asks what is the truth. Naani looks at DD.

DD tells her story and a flashback is shown. She says my principles were like you. I too loved a middle-class man. Your Nana didn’t like him. I was blinded in Shiv’s love and thought everyone is in my hand. She tells Bablu and Kesar were young then and she was like a mum to them.

She says your brother came in our life. Your Papa’s salary was less, but we were happy with small things. We thought that God has blessed us as you came in our life. We thought our life was complete, with kesar, bablu, rohan and you. She says when God gives immense happiness then takes test too. She says your dad was union leader and tells about the strike. DD asks him not to get involved in the party as they have small children. Shiv says he knows what he is doing and earning money with hard work.

DD says strike goes on and on, and your papa got involved in his mission. All the responsibility came on my head. I didn’t have any time to look after children and that’s why I talked to Shiv again. She asks him to change the job. Shiv asks him to have trust as they will reach the destination. He says it is our right and it is a matter of some days. She says suddenly Rohan’s health deteriorated.

King of Hearts 28 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Doctor asked them to take him to the hospital. Shiv says he can’t get him admitted in private hospital. DD refuses to let him admitted in govt hospital. Shiv asks her not to argue and take him to govt hospital. DD says Rohan’s condition deteriorated. He needed an operation, but. I seek help from maa. Shiv refuses to change the job and says his union members need him. DD gets hysterical and says her sons live is not more than his union.

Shiv says I can’t do what you can do. I won’t let my professional life suffer for personal reasons. He gives her money saying he had sold his watch. DD refuses to make money. She says she broke all the FD and her life savings, but when she reached the hospital, she saw Rohan dead. She says she didn’t know what to do.

DD says she broke up with Shiv after that Rohan’s death. Shiv comes to DD and says Rohan was his son too. DD says he was…She tells Roshni that she got separated from Shiv. Then she lived for Mona and children. She thought to die but then thinks of her kids. She says I worked hard in the jewelry shop and earned money.

I learned that money is important for good living. She says her past came in front of her car. She doesn’t know what to do. DD says Shiv never connected her all these years and I have become like a stone. I kept his photo in my Almira and talk to it to make my heart feel low. She says she hid the fact from Roshni as she loves her father very much and knows good things about him.

One day he collides with my car and past comes in front of me. She says you are my child and I can’t hate you being your mum. I failed as your mum, but will always love you. You are my life, my daughter Roshni. Roshni gets emotional and says you haven’t failed. I have failed. I used to fight with you all my life. I never tried to know why you have become like this. She says I have failed mom. She sleeps on her lap and cries.

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