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King of Hearts 30 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

King of Hearts 30 October 2019 Zee World Series – Resham enters Shabnam’s room in the morning and starts screaming ghost…ghost seeing her. Shabnam wakes up and asks what the problem is? The rest of the family gather in the room. They are shocked to see Shabnam’s face is covered in red spots. Shabnam sees her face in the mirror and she’s horrified. She sends everyone out of the room, then breaks down crying. She returns to the hospital and meets Pinto again. She asks him for what she can do as she doesn’t want to die. He tells her to get a donor for a bone marrow transplant from her family. Shabnam wonders who she can approach?

Sid tells Roshni that Shabnam would come to her for help. Later on, Roshni and Resham are in the living room having Popcorn. Shabnam walks in looking contrite. Resham and Roshni ignore her and carry on talking. Shabnam calls Roshni.

Roshni tells Resham that they should go to the room. Shabnam stops Roshni. Roshni warns her not to touch her! Shabnam talks politely and says the Doctor told her about a bone marrow transplant and she needs a family member to be her donor. Roshni laughs and reminds her of when she tried to kill her. She warns her not to think about it and not to also go near Aisha!

King of Hearts 30 October 2019 Zee World Series

Shabnam tells herself that she will make Roshni donate the bone marrow! When everyone is asleep, Shabnam enters the room where Sid and Roshni are sleeping and she sprays a substance. Two Men enter the house and she tells them to kidnap Roshni! They carry Roshni out wrapped in a blanket. As they leave, DD comes downstairs for water but doesn’t see them. Shabnam takes them to a Storeroom and tells them to find out if the Doctor is at the hospital. The Men leave and Shabnam removes the blanket. She’s shocked to see it’s Resham.

Sid, Roshni and Kesar rush into the Storeroom. Resham gives Shabnam two slaps and says it’s an authentic slap. Roshni tells Shabnam that she would never change and they knew she was going to do something like that.
There is a flashback of Shabnam plotting with the Men earlier in the day unaware that there was a secret microphone recording the conversation and Sid was listening to everything. Roshni says she won’t get bone marrow even if she dies!

DD calls Sid, Roshni, Kesar and Resham to her room. She berates them for not letting her know their plan and taking risks! Sid begs for time till tomorrow to make Shabnam leave the house. DD gives in.

Shabnam is in the living room pouring kerosene on her body and threatening to burn herself! Roshni tells Resham to make sure she records the scene on her Phone. Sid asks what she’s doing? Shabnam says she wants to kill herself. Roshni lights a match and holds it close to Shabnam. Shabnam moves back and asks what she’s doing! Roshni says she thought she was going to kill herself but she’s only pretending. Shabnam leaves in shame.

Shabnam goes to DD’s lawyer to ask what her share of the property will be since she’s a daughter of the family. Sid walks in and tells her that she has absolutely no rights over the property because DD became rich when she separated from Shiv, so Shiv has no rights to the property and as such, Shabnam too has no rights!

Shabnam threatens to go to the Media with the story and ruin DD’s image! Sid plays her a video recorded when she wanted to burn herself and also threatens to send it to the Media. DD walks in and reminds Shabnam that she’s dying and has to beg before they can help her. Shabnam says she doesn’t want to die and would do anything they tell her. King of Hearts 30 October 2019 Zee World Series

Shabnam and Roshni are in the hospital theatre, dressed for surgery. Sid is with them in the theatre. Roshni hands Shabnam a document to sign stating that she would not bother the family again and would not struggle for any property and would go far away. Shabnam signs.

Pinto and the team of fake Doctors gather around her. He gives Shabnam an injection and tells her she would be fine when she wakes up. Shabnam drifts off and when she wakes up, she finds herself alone on a small mattress on the floor and wonders why she’s not feeling any pain of operation and thinks what happened here? She walks out of the room and sees she’s on a film set. She asks for the Doctors and they tell her they were fake Doctors and it’s a film set. Shabnam realizes she was tricked. King of Hearts 30 October 2019 Zee World Series

At home, Sid tells DD that things have gone exactly as he planned. Shabnam barges into the house and yells for Roshni! She sees Roshni and lunges at her. Roshni hides behind Sid. Sid tells Shabnam that she has a few minutes to pack up her things and leave the family for good! Shabnam says she will deal with them! DD calls the Servant to bring Shabnam’s belongings. King of Hearts 30 October 2019

The Servant brings them and Sid orders Shabnam out. Shabnam threatens to deal with him! DD gives Sid and Roshni an invitation to a hotel opening in Goa. Roshni is excited they are going on a holiday. DD says they deserve it. She tells Sid he’s like a Son to her, he takes care of them. She and Sid have tears in their eyes. She tells him to love Roshni forever and if there is anything they have done to him or his family, he should forgive them. She says she made arrangements for their tickets so they need to pack their bags. Sid calls her back as she leaves the room. He goes to her and gives her a hug.

Roshni is excited about the trip. Resham wears a Sun hat in the bedroom. Kesar asks why she made him wear beach clothes? Resham says she wants them to go to Goa with Sid and Roshni. Kesar tells her they are too old to go to Goa with Sid and Roshni who are kids. She pleads with him. DD enters the room and tells Kesar that Roshni and Sid want to go to Goa by road so he shouldn’t bother air booking the tickets.

The next day, Sid is driving them to Goa. He plays a recorded message from Aisha for Roshni. Roshni is happy. She complains that they are going the wrong way. He says he’s following the sign. He gets to a bad spot and their Car develops a punctured tyre. Roshni gets upset and he tells her to relax. They hear another Couple arguing and decide to go and see. King of Hearts 30 October 2019 Zee World Series

A Man comes to DD’s house and asks her who she wants to see? DD says it’s her house. He gives her a note and she says it’s her address. He asks her who she wants to see in the house? DD calls security! Resham runs to the door. She recognizes the Man who doesn’t remember her at first but as she starts singing, he remembers she’s Resham and he’s supposed to take the job of a cook in the house. Resham explains to DD that he forgets things a lot but he’s a good cook.
The other Couple arguing are Sam and Yash. Sid and Roshni rush to them and hug them. Yash hugs Sid and discreetly takes Sid’s wallet out of his pocket then throws it on the ground. King of Hearts 30 October 2019

Yash and Sam are also going to Goa. Sid tells them about the new hotel and says they can also stay there. They decide to all go in Yash’s Car. Yash says they have to push it to start. Thay push and it starts. As they move, another Car follows them and Sid sees it through the mirror. He tells Roshni that a Car has been following them and he tells Yash to speed up…King of Hearts 30 October 2019

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