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Lady Luck 30 November 2019 Zee World Update

Lady Luck 30 November 2019 Zee World Update – Dhara asks Bijender to show Maan’s pic. He shows someone else’s pic. She says this is not Maan as she just saw real Maan. Rajender says we should different guy to Bhoomi, what will she feel now. Saurabh informs Ria that Ansh’s marriage is with Bhoomi.

He continues that Maan thinks he is marrying some other girl and is sad, but if he will know he is marrying Bhoomi, he will be very happy. She asks what does he mean. he says all the incidents happened from Ansh proposing bhoomi and she rejecting and slapping him as her family already fixed her marriage to someone else, who is none other than Ansh. She says it is a filmy story and they both will be very happy knowing it.

Ria goes to Bhoomi’s room and tells she can love freely now. Bhoomi asks what does she mean. Ria says she needs a part from her now and says she knows she loves Ansh and rejected him due to her moral values. Bhoomi reminisces slapping Ansh. Ria says she should talk about only Ansh from hereon. Bhoomi asks if she has gone mad. Ria says she is marrying Ansh. Bhoomi asks what does she mean. Ria say Ansh is Maan and Ansh’s full name is Anshuman Prajapati.

Lady Luck 30 November 2019 Zee World Update

Bhoomi is shocked to hear that and asks her not to joke. Ria says she is telling truth. Bhoomi reminisces praying god to give Ansh his true love and Dhara tells Maan is pet name and full name is Anshuman. Bhoomi gets happy and hugs her. Ria takes her to mirror and says she is glowing like a bride now. Bhoomi thanks her and thinks that is the reason she was remembering Ansh a lot and thanks god for fulfilling her prayers.

Saurabh goes to Ansh’s room and is about to tell about Bhoomi when Bhabhi maa enters and asks Saurabh to go out as she wants to talk to Maan. He walks out. She tells she is happy that he kept her words and is marrying a girl of her choice, says god has selected a best girl for him and she is sure he will be happy with her. Saurabh listens to their conversation and thinks Badi maa is right, Ansh will be very happy with Bhoomi. Lady Luck 30 November 2019 Zee World Update

Bhoomi calls Ansh to inform him about their marriage. He sees her name, reminisces her slap and cuts call repeatedly. Varun comes to her room, she happily runs and hugs him and says Ansh is Maan and she is marrying her love. He gets very happy and this is the best thing.

Bijender and Rajender think of confronting Bhabhi maa for sending them wrong pic. They see her busy with guests, call her and take her to a corner. Ria’s mother-in-law sees her and asks when did she come and why did not she inform her when she came in. Ria says she came to attend her friend’s marriage and says her friend is marrying Ansh. She asks who is that friend. Ria gets a phone call and leaves saying she will tell her later.

Bijender asks Bhabhi maa why did she betray them. She asks what does he mean. Rajender says they believed her blindly, but she sent Maan’s wrong pic. Bijender shows pic. She asks who is he.

Bijender shows pic to Bhabhi maa and asks why did she send this pic as Maan’s. She apologizes him for sending the wrong pic, calls Suman and asks why did she send the wrong pic. Suman says she sent right pic. Bijender shows her pic. She reminisces sending the wrong pic while speaking to Surbhi and says she made mistake in a hurry.

Bhabhi says it is a fraud, not mistake, how can she do this. She requests Shuklas to forgive her and says Maan is ver good boy and they will not get such a good groom for their daughter and requests not to break a marriage. Bhabhi maa apologizes them and requests not to break marriage. Rajender says he will first speak to his parents and then will inform their decision and leaves. Lady Luck 30 November 2019 Zee World Update

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