The Heir

The Heir 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Heir 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts when Raj asks Mannu where will she go if she loses. Mannu says I will go to my husband’s room. She goes to touch Harjeet’s feet. Harjeet moves away. The man tells Amba that Jagan gave order not to give money to her. Amba says but you know I take money every month. At the Bajwas house, Amrit explains the ritual to Raj and Mannu. She asks them to open the knots, whoever open knots first will be dominating one.

Mannu and Raj try to open the knots. Raj says I have intentionally got the loose knots. He opens the knots and says first rasam completed, score is 1-0, if I win the second rasam, I don’t need to win the third rasam, Mannu won’t get permission to stay in this house. Amrit shows the coconut and asks them to run and pick the coconut, they should not drop the red cloth and not collide.

Raj and Mannu pick the cloth. Mannu drops her dupatta when it comes under her foot. Raj asks Mannu to keep her dupatta right. Mannu picks the coconut. Amrit praises her. Raj gets angry. Amrit worries for Mannu’s foot sprain. She goes to get medicine. Raj hurts Mannu. He says three pandits will come here for bhoj, Mannu has to make food for them, without taking anyone’s help, I want to see how can Mannu make food, when she has never made tea, how will she do this. Harjeet smiles.

The Heir 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Its night, Mannu sleeps and recalls Raj’s words. She troubled by mosquitoes. Amrit comes and asks her is she not getting sleep. Amrit keeps the mosquito coil. Mannu says you are very nice, thanks. Amrit says after 10 years, I just returned to this haveli for you, all my relations broke here. Mannu says relations don’t break, just distance comes, I m sure the distance between you and family will end, you have two sons here.

Amrit cries and says I had two sons, one son does not want to talk to me and others, whom I gave good values, he got so sensible that he is teaching me. Mannu wipes her tears and says I will make everything fine. Amrit hugs her. Raj recalls Mannu and looks for her. Mannu comes and asks was he looking for his wife. Raj says no. She asks did you change mind. She flirts. He asks her to dream and shuts the door.

Mannu goes to the kitchen and checks things. She says how will I make food, I have not even heated tea bowl in life. Amrit comes and sees her. Mannu prays for help.

Amrit says I m with you. Raj comes and says condition was not this, Mannu has to cook food alone, none can help her. Amrit says great way to trouble wife, you are forgetting I will also leave the house with her. Raj asks Amrit to understand, he did this for her, Papa and your distance did not get less because of her if she was not here, my dream would have fulfilled, you are hating me, you don’t believe me, don’t know what this girl has.

Amrit says she has truth, goodness, but you have forgotten this. Mohini and Raj see burnt food prepared by Mannu. Raj says I will kick Mannu out of here, I can manage alone. Mohini says don’t take her light, she has fooled the village till now, she is much prepared, you will need my help.

Rah says Preet can never win over me, you keep your advice to yourself. He goes. Amba asks Raavi to give her some money, she will return it. Raavi says I don’t have much money, I will check in Jagan’s cupboard, why don’t we talk to Mannu. Amba says no, she is worried in her own problems. Raavi asks her not to worry, she will do something. She thinks why Amba needs money.

Raj tells Mannu that no brahman should get annoyed. Mannu greets brahmans and serves them food. She says its good thing if brahmans eat food made by bahu, respect the food I made, else it will be Mata Rani’s insult.

  • The Heir 26 September 2019 Update

Raj thinks even Mata Rani can’t let you stay there. Brahmans drink juice and praise it. They start getting unwell. Mannu gets food for them and asks shall I serve now. Brahmans say no, we will not have food now, its not right time now, we are happy with your good behavior. They bless Mannu and leave, without having food. Raj checks the bowls. He sees everything empty. He laughs and says now I will leave you outside village, you lost this bet, come.

Mannu says you forgot the bet, I have won, brahmans have happily blessed me, they did not go annoyed. Amrit praises her. Mohini says Raj will not fulfill his promise, did he write on stamp paper that Raj will take Mannu to room, what will Mannu do.

Mannu says I know Raj well, whatever he does is by determination, he does not go against his words. Raj lifts Mannu and takes her to room. Raj puts her on bed and says you wanted to come in my room, you are my wife, if marriage happened, we have to celebrate wedding night. He shuts the door.

He says you want right to become wife, then first become wife and show, we will unite today, what happened, you liked to come to my room, tell me, will you celebrate wedding night with husband, are you ready. Mannu looks around and asks did you know you are going to lose, or wanted to show your rights early, you said right, its imp for husband and wife’s relation to complete, you would be wishing to come close to me. She flirts with him.

Raj gets shocked. She tears his shirt. Raj gets away and holds his shirt. She says we are husband and wife, you can do anything you want, you want to come close to me, it’s proof that you love me, we will end all distance between us tonight. He looks at her. The Heir 26 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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