King of Hearts

King of Hearts 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

King of Hearts 14 May 2019 Update - Zee World

King of Hearts 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Sid and Roshini sits at the Police station. Sid says he can’t believe what is happening. Roshni is upset with him and giving him an attitude.
Sid is thinking Roshni’s big bag is of no use, but she will be angry if he mentions it to her. Roshni too is thinking how could Sid lose his wallet, but he will be angry if she mentions it.
Sid asks if she said something? She says she didn’t say anything.

The Police Inspector comes and asks for their names? Sid says his name is Siddarth Kukreja and Roshni says hers is Roshni Patel. He asks who she is to him and Sid says she’s his wife.
The Inspector says they have different surnames? Sid explains they are newlyweds and they’re on their honeymoon, but he lost his wallet and was unable to pay at the restaurant. The Inspector says Roshni has a right to be upset with him in that case. Sid asks how he can take her side?

King of Hearts 14 May 2019 Update

The inspector tells them to call their Parents to send them some money so they can go back to enjoy their honeymoon. Roshni says there’s no way they will ask DD for money.

Kesar calls DD to tell her that Sid and Roshni have been put in prison. She panics. She asks why he didn’t do anything to stop them? He says he wanted to speak to her before bailing them out. DD tells him not to bail them out so Roshni can see the sort of man she’s married to! She tells him to watch and if things get too serious, he should bail only Roshni out. After the call, DD is worried and tells herself that she will not be able to sleep tonight!

King of Hearts 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Another Policeman brings in a Man and asks where he stole a wallet! Sid recognises the thief was on the bus with them, so he says he must be the one. The police says he stole 2 wallets. He brings them out and checks to see Sid’s photo in one of them, and then hands it to him. He takes the thief to jail. Sid asks the first Policeman if they can go? The policeman say they are free to go. Sid wants to pay the money he owes the restaurant owner and the Policeman directs him to pay at the reception.

They get outside and Roshni asks where will they go now? Sid says he doesn’t know. Roshni says she wants to go home. Sid begs her. The Policeman says his house is free because he is working all night, so they can stay there. Sid is not so sure. The Policeman says they seem like good people and they need a place to stay. He takes them to his house.

Roshni and Sid are in the house. Sid is unpacking, while Roshni is sitting on the bed… He keeps talking to her, but she doesn’t respond. He looks to see, but she already slept off. He puts her on the bed to lie down properly. He kisses her forehead and apologises to her for all she had to go through. He wishes she could allow him to show her who he really is so he could give her everything and make her happy. It starts to rain and the rain is dropping on the bed.

King of Hearts 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Kesar laughs at what he has done; putting a hole on the roof so that Sid and Roshni cannot sleep well, tonight.

Sid wakes Roshni up. He is almost in tears, but Roshni says it’s raining outside and they are in someone’s house and the roof is leaking. She gets excited and says it’s raining outside! She runs out.
Outside, she puts out her hand to touch the rain. Sid follows her and watches as she plays with the rain. He stands behind her and joins her when she gets under the rain. They hold each other and stare into each other’s eyes

Kesar comes home. DD tells Resham that Kesar is tired and asks her to arrange warm water for him! Resham leaves for the kitchen and DD asks Kesar why he is home instead of watching Roshni and Sid! Kesar says mission accomplished, as he manage to ruin their honeymoon. DD is impressed.

King of Hearts 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni enters the house alone smiling and DD asks why she came alone? She and Kesar are shocked when Sid enters the house. Mona asks how the time at her in law’s temple went? Roshni says it was nice and it rained, but it was so much fun! She sneezes and Sid also starts to sneeeze. DD looks at Kesar in anger. Sid sees the look on DD and Kesar’s faces. DD walks away in anger. Bablu asks them to freshen up.

Kesar thinks to himself that he will be in big trouble! He goes to meet DD in her room. She scolds him and he says he did everything she told him to do. DD says it’s because of him her daughter will be stuck with Sid for the rest of her life! She raises her hand to slap him, but Sid appears and holds her hand. He asks why she would hit her family (Brother-in-law)? He says it’s not Kesar’s fault because he did all she asked, he punctured the tyres of the cab, he cancelled the reservation and he put a hole on the roof of the Policeman ‘s house.

He says he wants to salute Kesar for all his hard work, his dedication and loyalty! He gives him his wallet and says he left it outside the Constable ‘s home where he punctured a hole in the roof. He apologises to Kesar on DD’s behalf. Kesar takes his wallet and leaves the room in shame.

Sid asks DD why she continues to do all these things and why is she so short tempered? He says at her age, she will start having heart complications most especially as she already suffered a heart attack once. DD orders him to get out of her room before she kicks him out of her house!

Sid says she can do whatever it takes to get what she wants, but in the end, only fate decides! He says he didn’t expect this from her. He expected her to insult him, but didn’t expect her to stoop so low as to send her own brother to do all those things!

He says things like that don’t suit her style. DD just stares at him. He tells her to tell him whatever she wants, and that she can insult him all she likes! He says he will throw her an open challenge to do anything in her capacity to stop him and Roshni from being together. DD says she accepts the challenge as she never wanted her daughter to be with him from the start!

King of Hearts 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Sid challenges DD to stop him from becoming her grand children’s father. DD says she accepts his challenge and will not let her daughter Roshni come near him! Sid taunts her that his honeymoon is already over and she should wait for her grandchildren. DD gets irked hearing his taunts!

Sid calls Simran. She asks him about Roshni? He says she is fine and asks him to let her speak to Raj as he wants to discuss something about the business project. She says he is sleeping and ends the call. Sid realizes that his dad must be ill and goes home. He sees his dad on the bed 🛌 and asks his Parents why they didn’t inform him? They say they did not want to trouble him. Sid says he cannot get away from his responsibilities even after his marriage and asks them to tell him if anything happens! HisParents get emotional.

DD asks Kesar to put more workload on Sid! A girl enters her cabin without her permission and asks about the interview venue? Sid enters the cabin just then. DD asks Sid to take that girl out and scolds the girl for coming into her cabin without her permission!

King of Hearts 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni’s friend comes and meets DD. DD thinks of a plan to take revenge on Sid with the help of Roshni’s friend.

Kesar and Bablu discuss that they can’t hire the girl as she is from a middle class family. Sid interferes and asks Kesar to hire her, justifying that even him is from a middle class family, and their Son-in-law.

DD comes there and asks why is this girl still standing inside the Office! Sid says Kesar took this girl’s interview and feels she is best suited for this job! DD asks Kesar to take the decision of either keeping or kicking the girl out! Kesar hires her and gets into his cabin. Sid congratulates the girl and shows her thumbs up. Kesar watches that and thinks there is something fishy between them.
Sid picks Roshni from her cooking class and asks what she learnt? Roshni tells him the recipes she learnt.

Roshni’s friend reaches there and introduces herself to Sid. She tells Roshni that she met DD who invited her and all her friends for her birthday party at Sid’s house instead and asks her to check her SMS. Roshni checks the SMS and She’s shocked to see DD’s invitation. Her friend leaves saying she will meet her at 7 pm at her home. Roshni gets tensed and says she will cancel the party as her friends are all typical south Mumbai spoilt brats and will insult him seeing his chawl. Sid asks her not to worry as he will manage everything and will take his Parent’s help.

Sid’s Mom prepares food and tells Sid’s dad that if Sid had informed her beforehand, she would have taken the servant’s help. Sid and Roshni reach the chawl and hand over the groceries to Simran and Raj. They both receive Roshni’s friends. Her friends insult Sid that they thought Sid was having an apartment at suburb instead of a chawl! Sid takes them into his chawl. Once entering the chawl, her friends start showing tantrums that this house must lack sanitizer, AC, and so on! Sid’s dad says he will arrange a fan for them.

King of Hearts 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni asks him not to bring fan as her friends will manage without fan. She gets into the kitchen angrily and tells Sid that this is the reason she didn’t want to invite them! Sid says they are not clean hearted like you, and tells that Guests are God’s guests and we should respect them, and adds that her friends will enjoy middle class food. One of her friends sees samosa and other oily food and says they cannot eat oily food! Another friend tells Sid that he has seen him somewhere and asks what school he attented? Sid says he went to a nearby small school and murmurs that he’s his senior.

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