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King of Hearts 31 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 31 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 31 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Rajveer telling Samaira he got a phone call from the property agent and he wants to go and see him, so they can get a place and move.
As he leaves the room, Samaira follows him out and complains that they will need money for the house, but he has given all his money to DD!
Rajveer walks away and DD comes out; she heard everything and she is not happy.

  • Zee World Series: King of Hearts 31 May 2019 Update

In the Office, Sid sees Pratima and Bablu staring at themselves in the Office corridor. He tries to get their attention, but they have eyes only for each other. He finally gets their attention and reminds them of the time everyone thought he was the one who was having an affair with Pratima.
DD appears and tells them all, that it’s an Office and not some park to romance! She tells them to focus on their jobs in the Office!
They all go back to work and DD gets a phone call. As she is talking on the phone, she calls Sid to take down notes! He takes everything down alongside the venue which happens to be his father’s Office. He panics and when DD finishes her call, he rushes to call his dad, but couldn’t get through, so he calls his Mum who tells him his father is at the Office.

King of Hearts 31 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sid is almost in tears because he can’t reach his dad. He goes to tell Bablu that DD is going to his father’s Office, and he will be in trouble if DD sees his dad there.
Bablu tells him to go and he will cover up for him. Bablu hopes everything will be alright.

Rajveer goes to the license Office and tries to get the Manager’s attention, but he doesn’t answer till Rajveer shows him his 50,000 rs wrist watch.
He gives the man the watch and tells him to find out who the car number on the parking slip belongs to! He says he knows the first name is Siddharth, but he needs to know his surname!

Sid gets to his father’s Office, but DD is already there. He hides from her, and sees his father making a call from his Office. He is unable to cross into his father’s Office because DD will see him. He is happy his father is dressed in a casual wear.
Raj finally sees him, but he doesn’t understand the signals Sid is giving him. He comes out of the office and bumps into DD. King of Hearts 31 May 2019 Update
They are shocked to see one another.
DD asks him if he is here to buy a flat?
Raj is shocked. He says he is.
His worker sees him and says he didn’t know he was coming.
Prashant sees DD and tells Raj that he’s still trying to help him get a job, but he should go home for now.
Raj tells DD that he is trying to get a job because Sid no longer helps him, now that he lives with DD.
DD tells Prashant that she has seen him before! He lies that it must have been in an Office somewhere.
DD leaves and Sid gets up form where he was hiding.

The Man tells Rajveer that he has the details of the owner of the car.

King of Hearts 31 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sid is driving his father home. Raj complains that Sid should have called to warn him about DD!
Sid says he called several times and left messages and voice mails.
Raj says his phone was on silent because it’s his first day he got back to work.

The Man tells Rajveer to come and look at his computer screen, to get the details of the owner of the car.
The name is a different; Mr. Algarwal.
Rajveer says it can’t belong to Mr Algawal and something must be wrong!

Sid tells his father that he likes the new car and asks what he did with the old one?
Raj says he gave it to Mr Algarwal,the Man who takes care of all their cars.
Sid praises him and says he got good qualities from him. They both share a joke.

Rajveer gets home and sees a lot of shopping bags on their bed. He asks Samaira if she hasn’t shopped enough? Sam says he leaves her alone all the time, so what did be expect! Rajveer says he knows how to make her happy. He tells her to close her eyes. She opens them to see the gold bracelets he got for her. She gets happy. Rajveer says first, he must get from her what has been pending since last night.

DD knocks on the door and says she got a small surprise for them! She gives them the papers for a penthouse. She tells them that she put down a downpayment on a house for them from Khurana builders. They are shocked. She tells them that she knows Rajveer ‘s self respect is important to him, so she made only a downpayment. Sam is excited and hugs DD, then she hugs Rajveer.
Rajveer is upset and telling himself he is not mad to leave her house, he will get all her business, house, everything, and will kick her out of her house!

King of Hearts 31 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

At night, Rajveer is still upset about it and thinking of what to do. He makes a phone call and tells the person to meet him at the beach!

Sid sits in the loo to make video calls to his father’s Clients. As he opens the door, he gets tensed seeing Roshni there. She laughs that he is wearing a blazer and a tie with boxer shorts. Sid says his trousers are outside.
Roshni looks into the bathroom and sees he covered the window with their bed sheet. She asks if he was doing a photo shoot inside, since he also had his ipad with him? He makes excuses and she asks if he is not feeling well and needs to see a Psychiatrist?
Sid says the Psychiatrist will only diagnose him as having fallen for a girl called Roshni.

DD gives Rajveer 20million cheque and says it’s the money he loaned her.
Rajveer tells her to keep it, after all they are family. Samaira enters and tells him to collect the cheque.
Rajveer says he will only collect the cheque because DD is insisting, and thinks he needed the money the most!
She thanks him again. King of Hearts 31 May 2019 Update

Pratima takes sweet offerings to Grandmother in the morning, with a prayer tray. Grandmother says she’s happy someone else in the house is leading prayers.
Mona enters and also collects an offering.
Samaira enters and Pratima offers her a sweet, but Samaira says she is watching her weight, and can’t just eat anything like middle class people like Pratima! Mona urges Samaira to take a sweet.
Pratima offers her again, but Samaira ignores the one she is offering, and picks a tiny crumb from the tray.

Pratima tells her that it won’t add to her weight; the Lord will not allow the offering affect one negatively.
She adds that middle class people don’t gain weight because they are always working.
Samaira says she didn’t understand a wrong she said and is she even educated!
Pratima says being middle class doesn’t mean she’s not educated, and in fact, the she has a Masters degree in English language, but heard that Samaira dropped out of college in her second one year, so who is more educated? Samaira has no response.
Mona tells Samaira that they should leave for the market before she says anything else.

Resham follows Roshni to the NGO.
As she is trying to slice an apple for Priya, she cuts herself with the knife and she starts to wail that it’s painful!
Priya holds the hand and says “Shhh”.
Resham keeps quiet.
Priya gets the first aid box then applies antiseptic with cotton wool on the cut. Resham wails even more.
Priya tells her not to wail like a baby.
She gives Resham a slice of apple and Resham does the same to her.
Roshni watches them with a smile.

At home at night, Sid is working on his laptop. Roshni takes coffee to him .
Sid tells her he downloaded an action movie for them to watch. Roshni says she wants a romantic movie. They argue about the type of movie to watch.
Sid suggests they should invite Sam and Rajveer to watch with them.
Roshni says she saw Sam parking; they are moving out to a luxury apartment, Hilton homes.
Sid starts to choke on the coffee when he hears it’s his family property.
Roshni calms him down.

King of Hearts 31 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

They hear Samaira shouting for the people in the house. They rush to the living room to see Sam and a Man holding Rajveer who is bleeding from the mouth and really hurt.
Mona says they have to take him to the hospital! The Man who brought him home says Rajveer had an accident with his car and they wanted to take him to the hospital, but he insisted on coming home.
Sid says he has to go to the hospital. Rajveer says no hospital. He faints.

Sid takes Rajveer to his room. DD comes there and worriedly asks how did this happen? Samaira says he met with an accident. DD scolds Sid to call the Doctor! Sid says he already did and the Doctor is on his way.
Rajveer thinks to himself that now, he won’t leave the house, but he will make sure everyone else leaves!

Sam and Mona are in the Kitchen. Sam complains that they were supposed to move out today, now they are stuck in the house!
Mona says she isn’t thinking of her husband. Sam says it’s not a big deal and she will hire a nurse because she can’t look after anyone!
Mona asks why she married Rajveer if she won’t take care of him?
Sam asks why they are so emotional about things in India; in America, everyone hires nurses!

Roshni hears that and tells her Mona is right, and asks how she could hire a nurse for Rajveer instead of serving him herself, and says Rajveer loves her a lot. Samaira asks if she is done with her stupid Indian lecture! Roshni says she was only giving an advice. She warns her not to call her people emotional again; her country is the best in the world.
Mona tells Samaira that Roshni didn’t need to say much to make her point, so Sam needs to change and the sooner she realises, the better.
She tells her to take the food (Porridge) to Rajveer!

Samaira goes to feed Rajveer in bed.
He tells her that he has had enough and wants to be alone. He begs her to not allow anyone in the room.
Samaira says no problem; she will let him rest and be back to give him lunch.

As soon as as she leaves the room, Rajveer pulls of his arm cast and flings it away. He phones the fake doctor who came to treat him and berates him for suggesting that he eats only porridge! He says Sid almost caught him! The friend says he wanted it to look real, so he suggested porridge!
Rajveer tells him to bring some Chicken for him because he is tired of the Vegetarian food!
The friend asks how he will do that when everyone in the house is Vegetarian? Rajveer orders him to find a way!

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