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King of Hearts 5 October 2019 – Zee World Series

King of Hearts 4 October 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 4 October 2019 Zee World Update

Sid’s Parents arrive at DD’s place. Simran congratulates DD on her new Son-in-law. DD says Shabnam is not her daughter and Raghu is not her Son-in-law. She tells them to trust her when she says Sid is alive. Raj tells her it would be better if she doesn’t talk about Sid. DD says she has seen him and Kritika even has photos of him.

Kritika says it’s true. Simran tells them not to talk about Sid because he’s dead. She asks DD to fear God. She says DD would never change and should be ashamed of herself. She says she did a mistake once, by trusting her but she won’t trust her again. She runs out of the house and her family follows.
DD says Sid… he has to come infront of her… he has to save her respect being her Son-in-law.

Roshni is in the neighbourhood where DD saw Sid. She shows his photo to people around to ask if they’ve seen him? Sid is nearby, watching her. Roshni shows the photo to a Man and the man points in Sid’s direction. Roshni sees Sid and gets emotional. Mere Rubaru plays… She runs to him and he turns to look at her. She gives him a hug and cries then asks him to follow her home and says they can’t wait for him anymore.

King of Hearts 4 October 2019 Zee World Update

Sid pretends to have amnesia and says he doesn’t know her. She shows him the photo of two of them and tells him she’s his Wife. He says it’s not him in the photo. She begs him to come with her and says she will make him remember everything.

Someone fires a gun and there is commotion in the area with people running for cover. Sid pulls away from her. Roshni turns around and doesn’t see him. She calls his name and breaks down crying on the ground. The person who fired the gun is Pinto. He and Sid watch Roshni from Sundari’s house. He tells Sid to go and hug his Wife and just tell her the truth. He asks him to see Roshni’s condition. Roshni cries badly.

Sid says he can’t do it because Shabnam is very dangerous and he wants to keep his family safe, the plan is working and everything is almost over. He says he had to let Roshni see him so that she could still have hope and be able to fight Shabnam. He looks at Roshni on the floor one last time, and wipes the tears from his face and shuts the door.

DD tells her family that she doesn’t want to stay in the house after the Ceremony. Shabnam enters and asks where will she go and says DD will be back if she leaves. She says she will wait for her with her Raghu. Roshni enters and tells DD that they are not going anywhere, they will stay and fight for justice because she saw Sid, he even gave her a hug and that hug gave her all the strength she needs. She tells Shabnam to wait for the day when Sid returns and will kick her out. She gives Shabnam only ten days to stay in the house and says it’s Sid Roshni’s promise! Sid enters the house as Raghu.

Shabnam tells Roshni that she’s beginning to bore her with all the talk about Sid coming back; she also said that her Sid will come on his birthday, but her Raghu had come instead. She asks her to get her treatment done, and says nothing can separate her from uniting with Raghu. King of Hearts 4 October 2019 Zee World Update She goes and stands beside Raghu. Roshni says they will see whose faith is stronger, the one Shabnam has for Raghu or the one she (Roshni) has for Sid! Sid looks impressed.

It’s time for the engagement. Sid has a toothpick in his mouth. He looks at DD and he’s filled with guilt. Shabnam tells him it’s time for the engagement. He asks whose engagement it is? She reminds him it’s their engagement. DD tells her family members that she doesn’t even know what she’s doing there and as soon as Sid comes back, she will kick Raghu and Shabnam out!
Roshni enters and Sid tells Shabnam that he’s going to the bathroom.

He goes to Roshni and asks where she has been? She says she thought he had been waiting for the day of his engagement. He says it seems she’s a little jealous. Roshni says she has learnt many things. He asks her to tell him. She walks away and he wonders what she knows?

Roshni goes to Kritika and tells her that there is a possibility that Raghu is Siddharth because he was seen going to Sundari’s house recently. Kritika says she would find out. Shabnam and Sid put on a dance performance. Shabnam sensually dances with Sid to the song Maine Ishq Ka Rang Da Rog… Roshni and everyone looks at their dance.

Kritika is in the room Raghu is staying, trying to find any documents he must have kept that will link him to Sid. She opens his suitcase and finds a Pouch… She opens the Pouch and sees Siddharth’s watch and locket. She tells herself that Roshni was right. She gets emotional.

DD and her Mother are in the prayer room. DD prays to God and tells him that her Mother prayed all her life and asks God to bring Sid back to them. Shabnam enters the room and ask DD to come to the engagement instead of praying for something that can’t happen. DD tells her to get out!

Shabnam grabs DD by the arm and threatens that if she doesn’t come to the engagement with her, she would sleep on the streets for the rest of her life! Roshni enters the room and gives Shabnam a slap, asking how she could touch her Mother like that? She asks her to leave! Shabnam vows that Roshni would pay! She leaves the room. DD says she’s not even engaged yet, and already throwing tantrums. She says Shabnam will become more dangerous after her engagement.

Roshni tells DD that Shabnam won’t get engaged! Pinto gives Sid his phone and says they have been calling repeatedly. Sid takes the Phone and listens with an anxious look on his face. He tells the person at the other end that he’s on his way. He leaves with Pinto.
Shabnam tells Sundari that she can’t find Sid anywhere. Sundari says she doesn’t know where he is.

Sid gets to the hospital and sees Simran in bed unconscious with a bandage on her head. He calls her Mum and begs her to wake up as her Siddharth is right here. She opens her eyes and takes off the bandage, showing she was only pretending. Simran hugs him and says she knows he is her Son and he’s alive… Sid holds her hand and turns to leave but she calls him back and puts a gun to her head, threatening to kill herself! Sid begs her to put the gun down.

Roshni appears in the doorway and tells Sid that what he’s doing is also not right. She asks if Simran has any other option? Sid stares at her with wide eyes. Roshni says Sid was the only man she loved and since he’s no more, she also doesn’t want to live. She puts a gun to her head as well. Sid is shocked. Sid begs them to put the gun down.

Simran and Roshni start counting down from five. When they get to one, Sid screams that he’s their Siddharth! He asks them to keep the gun down. Simran gives him a hug and says she knew that he is her Sid… She tells Roshni that her Son is back but Roshni walks out angrily.

Simran tells him to go and talk to his Wife. Sid runs after Roshni.
Simran cries in relief. She thank God for returning happiness into their lives and begs God to help her family. Sid catches up to Roshni outside and begs her to listen to him. He tells her that he’s sorry. Roshni asks if he can realize how she felt when he was not with her; she missed him so much, and when he came back, he behaved like a Stranger…

She asks if he knows how much she suffered because of him when he was there all along, he didn’t even think to tell her he was there and saw how she was always crying and yearning for him? She asks how he could… do this…? She says he has been with her since so many days, but didn’t say anything. She yearned for him, but he didn’t care. Sid says Roshni… Roshni cries and says she prayed a lot and has waited for him.

She says her Mum was in jail and her Grandmother was ill. Why didn’t he tell her… She asks what was his helplessness? She tells him that she hates him!
He hugs her thightly. Sid returns to the house as Raghu. Shabnam asks where he’s coming from with Roshni? He tells her he was with Pinto, enjoying his bachelorhood. Sundari asks them to get engaged.
It’s time for the Ceremony. Sid stares at Roshni and Shabnam reminds him he’s getting engaged to her and not Roshni.
As she’s slipping the ring on his finger, the lights go off. They see a shadow in the doorway and Shabnam is filled with fear. The silhouette is that of Sid. In her distraction, Shabnam doesn’t notice when Sid pulls his hand away from her and Pinto takes his place. She cowers in fear and tells Raghu (Pinto) to protect her.

Roshni silently smiles. The silhouette disappears and Sid holds her hand again. Pinto leaves. The lights come back on and Shabnam tells him she saw Siddharth. Roshni says it’s not possible because Sid is dead and tells her her engagement is getting late. Shabnam says they have to believe her. She runs out of the room. Sid winks at Roshni and blows her a kiss. DD looks surprised.

Shabnam is in the room. She hears Sid’s voice telling her he’s still alive and he’s going to finish the game! She sees him behind the curtain, then he disappears. She asks herself how he can be alive when she killed him?

Sid taps her on her shoulder and she screams. He pretends to be Raghu again and says people are talking about her because she didn’t complete the engagement. She tells him to leave her alone for some time. He says he can’t leave her alone. He asks if she thinks he’s not suitable for her or did she see something? Shabnam gets tensed and runs out of the room. Sid says he will make her airtight…

Roshni and Sid are with Pinto sitting near a roadside tea stall in his neighborhood. They laugh at Shabnam, then Sid says he needs them to help him with his plan. He says he would take Shabnam out tomorrow. Roshni asks, if she can tell DD? Sid says DD will overreact as usual and it’s better she doesn’t know. Roshni says okay, and tells him to go on his romantic date then. Sid asks, if she’s jealous?

Roshni says she trusts him completely and asks him to go. She walks away and Sid is happy. Sid tells Pinto that he doesn’t know how crazy he is over Roshni. King of Hearts 4 October 2019 Zee World Update

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