My Golden Home

My Golden Home 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

My Golden Home 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

My Golden Home 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Shelly asking what happened? Is there a problem? Pratibha asks Shelly do you consider yourself as the daughter of this family? Shelly says yes maa. Why are you asking? Pratibah says and you’ve always said that you consider me a mother and not a mother in law. Shelly says absolutly maa.

Pratibha says then will you let this mother of yours fulfill her duties? Shelly says maa I’m unable to understand what you’re saying. Abha says we just want to say that we want you to give your life another chance. Shelly says meaning? Karan says we want you to think about re marrying. Abha says we want you to give your life another chance. Shelly says what does that means?

Karan says we want you to think about re-marriage. Shelly is shocked and Karan says look here Shelly, you don’t think that you or Asmi would leave us. We only want to re-start your life once again. Shelly gets angry and walks away saying how can you all think such thing? I have lived with Vimal for so long and shared all the good and bad moments together.

My Golden Home 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

And now once he has left, i leave to leave this family and go from here? Shelly says Vimal has left me maa but i can’t leave this family and go away. Please don’t do this. Pratibha says Shelly, doesn’t means a person breaks their relationship after their marriage. You and Asmi would stay in this house after the marriage and always. Shelly, you need someone to share you good moments and bad moments. I am putting my hands together for you to give me this small happiness.

Shelly says Abha, make her understand. Abha says Shelly, you trust me right? What i am saying is only for Asmi’s future. Please. Karan says, listen to me. i know that no one can take Vimal’s place. But one do need a life partner. You think and see, if not today but Asmi would need a father. Am i right? Shelly says you all do what you think is right and leaves. Abha says don’t worry maa, Shelly would not turn down our request. Pratibha says i will call to them and talk about the marriage.

Abha says maa, i am going to meet Lata as she needs me for a task. Abha leaves and Karan looks at all of the family member’s photos. Abha enters Raj’s house and greets Aruna. Abha goes to meet Lata and says what are you doing in Grandmother’s room? And how did this vase broke? Lata says i will explain that later but you go to the other room and bring the broken vase and leave. The priest says to Grandmother that Lata needs to perform a prayers and calls the servant to call Lata. My Golden Home 13 June 2019

Lata says its good Abha that you have came, otherwise Grandmother would have known that i’m having her passbook with me. Abha says passbook? Lata says this is Grandmother’s passbook and Grandmother says that she has no one else besides Raj but look at this, she has a joined account with someone named DM Shikawat. Abha says joined account? This means Grandmother has lied that she has no one else and we never knew this. Lata says yes, i need to know about him and perhaps we could bring the truth to Raj through him.The servant comes into the room and says Grandmother has called you and Lata says i will come in a while. Lata and Abha leaves while the new vase with a price tag is shown.

Lata comes down with Abha and Raj says to Lata that Grandmother wants to do a pooja. The priest says that tomorrow morning is a very good time to do the prayers, Grandmother says that is very good and i will prepare for the prayers. You please give me the list of things that i need to get and don’t worry, i will get all done. The priest says and another important thing, a grandmother or someone in blood relation needs to follow her to the Shipra river.

And after that, they will need to go for the pooja and sit. Does the unborn child has a grandmother? Grandmother says no.. pandit ji.. and Abha looks at Aruna and says the child’s grandmother is here. Lata smiles and the priest says you follow her to the river and come to the mandir. The priest leaves and Grandmother says Raj, i don’t want anything less in this prayers and what difference does it makes if i do or anyone else do this prayers.

I am only worried about the heir of this family and Grandmother leaves and Raj leaves too. Aruna says Lata, i will also prepare for the prayers and leaves. Abha says Lata, tell me what is it. Abha’s phone rings and Abha says wait a minute, a call from maa. Abha attends the call and says yes maa, Pratibha says i just spoken to the guy’s side and they are coming this evening to meet Shelly.

There is a lot to be done and Abha says that’s a good news. Abha says i need to leave now Lata. Lata asks what is the matter and Abha says the guy’s side is coming to meet Shelly this evening. Lata says this is a very good news and you leave, i will call and talk to you. You take care and Abha leaves after hugging Lata. Grandmother enters the room and says i am doing the prayers and the one getting the rights is Aruna! I will never let this happen and what would i do?

Grandmother sees the vase that Lata and Abha replaced and sees the price tag. Grandmother says this vase is new and did Lata or Aruna saw my passbook? Grandmother searches in the vase and sees the passbook and says something must have happened. My truth has came out but why didn’t Lata and Aruna told anyone else? This means they must have entered my room. No, now i will need to do something regarding both of them! The guy’s family is talking to Pratibha and Shelly’s mother and Shelly’s mother says does Shekar likes Shelly and doesn’t he minds? He says he doesn’t and Abha brings Shelly down. Shelly’s mother says this is my daughter Shelly.

The guy’s mother says i liked her since last time. She has good values and if you don’t mind, we shall let them both speak alone. Pratibha says surely and brings they guy and Shelly to speak alone. Abha says i would go and get something to eat and leaves. The guy says you don’t mind about this marriage? My Golden Home 13 June 2019

Kanika brings Asmi and enters the roomn and the guy sees Kanika. Kanika says Shelly, i’m so sorry as i didn’t see. I would bring her downstairs to play. The guy watches Kanika talking to Asmi and smiles. Shelly says do i need to feed her? Kanika says don’t worry, i would take care of her and Kanika leaves. The guy says Asmi is your daughter? Shelly says yes and the guy says means Asmi is not Kanika’s daughter? Thank god. Kanika says Asmi is my beloved niece.

Shelly and the guy comes down and the guy’s mother says what do you think? The guy says maa, i need two days to think and say. What if i say tomorrow? Karan says surely, Shelly would need time to think too and they leave. Grandmother is holding a gasoline in her hand and laughs saying Lata Thakur, you just wait and see what i do to you. Tomorrow, there will be something big happening in your life and she laughs. Abha is going through the phone directory and says there is no DM Shikawat.

Lata calls and Abha says Lata, i was just about to call you. I was just going through the telephone directory and there was no DM Shikawat in Ujjain. If we need to know about him, we need to know who is him. Lata says i want to know what does Grandmother got to do with this DM Shikawat. And i’m scared that my baby and Raj’s life is in danger. Abha says what?

Lata says i will tell you when we meet, you please be on time and we will discuss what to do. Abha says alright and you take care of yourself and ends the call. Abha thinks to herself that Lata needs me this time and i will be with her and pray that Raj will know Grandmother’s truth as soon as possible.

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Lata is getting ready. Raj comes in bringing in a glass of water with Lata’s medicine. Raj asks are the preparations for the puja done? Lata says yes. Only maa has to get the water from the shipranadi. She’ll get that and come directly to the mandhir. Lata says Raj I know what you are thinking. If our child has any right to call anyone grandma, then it is only grandmother who has the right. You don’t worry. Sometimes people have to bow down in front of the proper rituals and all.

Grandmother says Lata is absolutely right. There is nothing more important to me then my Raj’s son or daughter to be born. There is still 2 hours to go to the mandhir. I’m going to rest until then. I don’t feel good. Raj says grandmother if you’re not feeling well then take some medicine. Grandmother says no Raj I’m fine. If I go a little late then I’ll be fine. Raj says grandmother if you want I’ll call the doctor.

Grandmother says no. Don’t worry too much. There is no medicine for old age. If I rest a little, I’ll be fine. Raj says okay. Raj says to Lata take care of yourself. Grandmother goes inside a room with a bottle of what seems like gasoline. She closes the door.

Pratibha says yes absolutely. She hangs up. Abha says what did they say maa? Pratibha says Abha Shekar and his mother are coming here at 11. If they had to refuse they could have done so through the phone. But they are coming here so that means that they accept this marriage. Abha says that’s great news. If Shekar says yes then we’ll have a grand wedding.

Karan says Abha first let the proposal be accepted. And its necessary to reach your sister’s house at 1 right? Abha says yes. The auspicious time is at 1. Sheetal says what times have come. People are coming to finalize a proposal and this house’s well rounded daughter in law has to go out. Anyways a puja happens at least once a year. Here guys will keep coming and going.

Abha says listen aunt. Shelly isn’t like my sister in law. She is like my older sister like Lata. Sheetal says now you’ll have to chose 1 sister out of the two. Karan says aunt..Abha doesn’t need to chose between anyone. And maybe you’ve forgotten that she is Abha. She will fulfill all her duties and responsibilities. Abha you can meet the guy’s side of the family for 10 min and then go to Lata’s house. Okay? Shelly says Karan is right. Whether you are present or not you’ll always with me. Abha says okay. I’ll go get ready. My Golden Home 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Aruna reaches the temple with the water. Aruna says pandit I’ve brought the water. Tell me how else I can help you. The pandit says just help a bit with the puja materials. Aruna says okay. Grandmother is shown. Aruna is helping the pandit. The pandit says let’s go get some stuff from downstairs. Aruna says okay. Aruna sees the two jars of the water. Grandmother thinks to herself this puja will be your last one, Lata. Abha lights a lamp…Abha prays and says my sisters have always supported me in all my biggest problems.

They have always taken care of me. Today is a big day for both of my sisters. One of them will be shown the door to happiness again. And the other one is about to take a new step in her life. I pray to you that everything works out for her. Karan hugs Abha.

Grandmother takes one pot of water and pours it out. Grandmother thinks to herself the blame for your death will go upon your lovely mother in law. No one will be able to doubt me even if they wanted to because I am resting at home right now. And your lovely mother in law is the one preparing for the puja. There goes the water from the Shipranadi. Grandmother pours the gasoline in the pot.

Grandmother successfully fills the pot with gasoline and brings it back to where the pot was sitting before. Grandmother thinks to herself people will say that Aruna brought gasoline instead of water in the pots. And then you will go away from this world and your mother in law away from this house. Now I will have to get home as soon as possible. Pratibha is on the phone and says no problem. You guys take your time. We are at home. We will be waiting for you. She hangs up.

Pratibha says Abha they are running late because of some work. Do one thing. Go to Lata’s first. Abha says but…Abha’s phone rings. Abha says it’s Lata. She picks up and says yes Lata. Lata says Abha we’re ready and leaving for the temple. You reach quickly. Abha says yes I’ll be there soon. Lata says okay. Abha says may I go maa? Pratibha says absolutely. Abha says they are calling me now. Shelly says then go. Why are you worrying? Go. Abha says sure? Karan says Abha you go. We are all here with Shelly.

Abha says I’ll be back soon. Abha leaves. Lata says Raj I’m ready. Shall I call Grandmother? Both Lata and Raj are heading to Grandmother’s room to get her. Raj says Grandmother? Raj knocks on the door. Raj keeps knocking and calling her name. Raj turns the knob and opens the door. Raj sees her and says you’re feeling okay right? Grandmother says yes Raj. I just fell asleep. Let’s go. We’re getting late. Raj and Lata leave the room. Grandmother breathes a sigh of relief. She leaves. Karan and Pratibha go to greet the mom and her son. Karan says Kanika call Shelly.

My Golden Home 13 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Grandmother, Raj, and Lata arrive at the temple. Lata says to Aruna I’m hoping that all the preparations for the puja are done. Aruna says I did all I could from my side. Raj and Lata sit down. Raj says pandit start the puja. The pandit says yes certainly. The puja starts. Grandmother keeps eyeing the pots. The pandit says now you can take her and wash her with the shipranadi water.

Aruna says okay and helps Lata up. Everyone is seated at Swarn Bhavan. Pratibha says we are ready for this marriage. We are just waiting for your decision. Abha is shown in the car. Lata is taken to where the pots are. Aruna takes the pot that has the gasoline in it. She walks towards Lata. Abha is shown in the car. Grandmother is smiling. The pandit tells Raj to tie something to a tree. Raj says okay. The mother says we also agree to the marriage but… Abha says driver please hurry up. I have to reach on time.

Raj ties the amulet to the tree. Aruna pours the gasoline on Lata. Grandmother smiles. Pratibha says but what? The mother says Shekar doesn’t want to marry Shelly, but rather Kanika. Aruna says come. Lata and Aruna start heading back. The pandit lights the fire. Lata sits down near the fire. The pandit says Lata you have to so some things on your own. Raj is still tying the thing around the tree.

Karan says but auntie you both had chosen and liked Shelly. The mother says that’s not the problem. He doesn’t mind the marriage, but he minds that Shelly has a kid and that too a daughter. And like you already know Shekar also has a child. Karan says so what do you want? You’re saying that Shelly’s child is a burden? And you Shekar…You’re an educated young man.

You should be opposing such thoughts. Shekar says Karan it’s easier said than done. Because you don’t have to get married, I do. And after marriage I have to take the responsibility of the child. And for that I’m not ready yet. I want someone that can take care of my kids. Not someone who has a child of their own. That’s it…Karan says that’s the only problem..This isn’t a big deal for me…for us it is.

And let me tell you one thing. We won’t let any of this house’s daughters get married to someone who has such thoughts as you and who think that a child is burden.
Suddenly Lata starts screaming Raj’s name. Lata’s saree catches on fire. Abha arrives at the exact moment. Lata starts screaming for help.

  • Zee World Update: My Golden Home 13 June 2019

Shekar’s mother says that Shekar wants to marry Kanika and not Shelly and all gets shocked. At the mandir, Lata’s saree is on fire and Lata shouts for Raj. Raj sees it and runs to Lata while Abha runs to Lata and takes a cloth and tries to put the fire off. Aruna takes a pot of water and Grandmother sats stop here and give me the water and Grandmother pours the water on the saree.

Lata faints while Raj and Abha leaves with Lata. Shelly’s mother says i’m looking for a husband for my daughter. Kanika scolds Shekar saying did she don’t want to take care of your child? And how if i say that i would not marry you with a child? And if you can’t even think of a child, how would you take care of a wife? Shelly tries to stop Kanika and Kanika keeps scolding Shekar saying what is there for you to reject my sister in law?

I myself am rejecting you and please leave from here, Kanika gets angry and faints while Karan shouts to bring water. At Raj’s house, a doctor comes and enters with Abha saying i will need to check on her if she is injured and if we need to bring her to hospital. At Swarn Bhavan, Karan asks how is Kanika? The doctor says don’t worry. Her preassure went up and its normal in such situations.

Karan asks what situation? Everyone is wondering while the doctor says i have written some medicines and do not stress too much. Shelly says what do you mean in such situation? The doctor says do not worry, she is going to be a mother. Everyone is happy including Priyanka. Kanika touches her tummy and says Prakash and is happy.

Abha calls to Karan to say about the situation her while Raj and Aruna is still worried. Karan doesn’t answers the call which leaves Abha wondering. Grandmother asks Raj to cool down and says all will be good. Abha hears Grandmother speaking and goes to Aruna and says why are you worried? You didn’t do anything wrong.

My Golden Home 13 June 2019

Grandmother says what do you mean by she didn’t do anything wrong Abha? She was about to burn our family’s happiness today. Lata brought her to this house and wanted to give her rights but what she did? I’m asking you Abha. If she had motherly feelings, she would not have left her child. But my daughter in law brought her back to this house and i kept quiet. But what she did to her today? She tried to make her got on fire. Abha says what are you trying to prove? Aruna did all this??

You were the one who prepared for the pooja. What happened was co-incidence and Aruna has nothing to do with this and its good if you understand it. Grandmother says fine, i would keep quiet. As long as my daughter in law and grandson is safe. Raj listens to all this and says Abha, what grandmother says is for my well doing and Lata’s. Don’t argue with her as i don’t like all this. I know that you are worried for your sister but this does not means that you talk to grandmother like this. Who is wrong and who is not, time would say and Raj leaves.

At Swarn Bhavan, everyone is happy with the good news and Shelly leaves to get sweets. Karan says if Abha was here, she would be so happy. Sheetal says where is Abha? So much has happened here and she is still not here. Looks like her sister is more important to her than Shelly and Kanika. Karan says Sheetal, Abha knows her responsibilities very well and at least don’t speak ill about her in front of me. Shelly says you are right Karan and says to Sheetal, its a happy occasion here and do not spoil such good situation.

Shelly and Karan teases each another while Shelly feeds everyone sweets. Shekar’s mother says it was good we found out about this. Uday says Kanika’s in law who am i am lucky as this is what the god wanted and gives the sweets to Shekar’s mother saying please take it. And another thing, today i’m saying this that i have got a daughter and speaks proudly about Kanika. Uday says its not me who broke this aliance but its god’s will and they leave. Kanika cries and Karan says don’t cry, the sweets is not finished.

Prakash is not with us today but his child is now with us. Uday says do not cry and feeds Kanika sweets and says i would take care of Kanika from now on. Understand? Karan says and i would ask Abha to make Halwa once she returns. Uday asks where is Abha? Karan says i would call her. Grandmother gets scared and enters a room and calls to someone. Shelly’s mother is leaving Swarn Bhavan and Pratibha says don’t worry about her as i would take care of her and Karuna leaves. My Golden Home 13 June 2019

Kanika comes and calls Karan saying i’m fine and i have a request. Because of my own stupidity, i killed my first child. And i have prayed to god that once i get the good news, i would pray to god. Karan says today is a good day and Karan leaves with Kanika, Sushant sees and calls to someone and says he has left and make sure he doesn’t returns alive. Understand? and hangs the call.

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