Zara's Nikah

Zara’s Nikah 27th January 2021 Zee World Update

Zara’s Nikah 27th January 2021 Zee World Update



Zara’s Nikah 27th January 2021 Zee World Update

You are reading Today Zara’s Nikah 27th January 2021 Zee World Update.

Kabir comes to Salma’s house and hugs her. He whispers some idea to her and tells Salma that I am sorry for not finding a goo boy for Zara, I couldn’t do it so I am sorry. Salma says there can’t be a boy like you for Zara. He smiles and hugs her, he asks if Zara can come with him? Salma says no. Zara comes there. Kabir says hello Zara babe, Zara is surprised. Zara tells Salma that I have some work.

Kabir says we have some work. Salma says okay you bot go. Zara says I have some work. Kabir says I am going to Dubai so come with me. Zara goes with him. Kabir brings Zara to the porch, he has a band playing a song for Zara. He hugs Zara. She smiles at him. Ruksaar is angry and says Kabir is mine, I will do the same to Zara as I did with Ayesha.

Inspector comes to meet Shahbaz and asks if he has any connection with Rizwan? Shahbaz says he was Zara’s brother and that’s it. Inspector asks him to come to the police station for a statement tomorrow, he leaves. Ruksaar tells Shahbaz that this is happening because of Zara. Zara’s Nikah 27th January 2021 Zee World Update

Zara and Kabir are in the car. Zara sees a board with the message ‘Zara is my life’. Zara smiles at Kabir, Kabir says you are my life. They come to a mall. Kabir calls Imran and says I am so happy, he says I will tell Zara about my love today, he ends the call. Zara is looking at the dresses. She says you also must have to pack and it must be late. Kabir says let me check some dresses.

Rizwan is in jail. A goon meets him and gives him the call. Shahbaz says you can come out of this situation if you listen to me, he gives him an idea. Rizwan says I don’t really trust you but let me think about it.Zara comes to the police station and asks about Rizwan. Inspector says Rizwan claimed that he did half the crime.Shahbaz tells his goon that just gives us an order to ruin Zara.

Zara’s Nikah 27th January 2021 Zee World Update

Zara tells inspector that she read his files, she says if Rizwan doesn’t know who had put the petrol in the water tank then who did it? Inspector asks if you have a doubt on someone? Zara thinks about how Shahbaz asked that. She thinks how does he know that?Goon tells Shahbaz about Zara coming to the station. Zara calls Shahbaz and messages him that she knows he was behind that petrol filling.Kabir arrives at the venue in a three-piece suit. Imran says you are looking dashing.

Azra gets Zara ready and says you look like a fairy, Zara is worried and thinks how to tell Kabir that his father is against our love too.Kabir looks around and is worried about arrangements. Imran says I have done everything, don’t worry.Salma hugs Zara and asks her to go. She leaves with Azra.Kabir shows a ring to Imran and says this is for Zara, he says her kind of love is amazing, she is my everything. Imran claps and says you have become a lover boy.

Shahbaz gets ready as a driver and takes his gun.Kabir is trying to repeat his poetry. Zara arrives there in the car. She looks around the decorations and smiles at Kabir. He is mesmerized and smiles at her. Zara holds his hand and says I want to tell you something. Kabir says I want to tell you something first. Zara says but.. Kabir says just listen to me today, he says I will die without you, forget everything and just think about our love. Zara says, love. He shows her fireworks and smiles at her. He shows her ‘welcome Zara’ board and says I have one more thing. He says would you dance with me? Zara is surprised.

They both start dancing on humsafar, she teaches Kabir, he hugs her and dances with her. Kabir lifts her but loses balance, they both fall down and laugh. Kabir says I have prepared the food, it has a flavor of my love. Imran calls him and asks what is going on? Kabir says call me later. He sits with Zara and says let’s leave out phones.He takes her phone and goes out to the car. Imran calls him again. Shahbaz comes there and hides. Kabir is busy talking so Shahbaz goes near Zara and points the gun at her. He calls Ruksaar and asks her to call Kabir and keep him busy. Kabir is going back to the venue.

Kabir comes back to Zara. Shahbaz calls Ruksaar and asks why she didn’t call Kabir? She says I am trying but he is not picking up. Kabir makes food for Zara. Zara says you will make food for people in Dubai. Kabir says I wanted to talk about it, Zara says I am hungry. Kabir says yes, begum (wife).

Zara gets tensed and says I am not a begum. Suddenly lights go off. Kabir plays their pictures on a projector and says you are my light Zara, I was dying and you gave me a new life. He shows her the video of him asking for her hand from Salma and Irfan and how they accepted his proposal. Kabir says to Zara that I am not going to Dubai, at least not without my love and you are my love, I love you a lot.

Shahbaz hides and sees all that. Kabir sits on his knees and asks Zara if she accepts this proposal? Zara cries and says I accept, I accept, I accept. Kabir hugs her and makes her wear the ring. Zara cries and kisses it. Tera ban jaunga plays as Kabir leans and kisses her forehead, he is about to kiss her lips but Zara stops him and blushes.

Salma tells Irfan that I just want Zara to have a good life, don’t know where Zara is. Irfan says she is with her would-be husband so let them enjoy. Kabir and Zara are walking in the park, he asks for a kiss. Zara kisses his cheek and gives him a flying kiss. Mahiya plays. Zara says I will meet you later. She comes out of the venue and sees Shahbaz, she says I knew you would come here, you could do all that with me but to your son? You didn’t have shame in cheating with your son? you made him conscious of being around me.

Shahbaz says I did it for my son, you are no one to tell me about him. Zara says I am Kabir’s life and his would-be wife too, I am back in his life and I won’t accept anyone trying to manipulate him, I will bring your truth out to Kabir soon. I will tell him that you had put petrol in that tank, you fooled Kabir.. you tried a lot but this time my husband will win.

She leaves from there and goes to sit in the car. Shahbaz says you took my son away from me. Zara says I made him go away from lies. Shahbaz says you won’t be able to tell the truth, he points a gun at her. Zara is shocked and says if you kill me then Kabir will die too. Shahbaz shoots her two times with a silencer.

Zara’s Nikah 26th January 2021 Zee World Update



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